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•   Frank Beeton (Class Of 1963, Grosvenor High)  7/12
•   Andrew Geils (Class Of 1960, Michaelhouse)  14/12
•   Cecil Gower  15/12
•   Jack Clark  18/12
•   Marcel Nathan  18/12
•   Llewellyn Evans  19/12
•   Richard Bizzell  20/12
•   Brian Berman  25/12
•   Denis Gerson  29/12
•   John Duncan (Class Of 1965)  30/12
•   Mike Levine  31/12


•   David Pullen  3/12
•   Frank Beeton (Class Of 1963, Grosvenor High)  29/11
•   Peter Oldfield  16/11
•   Peter Disler  22/10
•   Howard Brinkworth  17/10
•   Justin Brown  16/10
•   Robin Honneysett  12/10
•   Stewart Sutherland  29/9
•   Bully De Ricquebourg(Class Of 1976)  9/9
•   Richard Bell (Class Of 1961)  3/9
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 54.5%

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B:   90   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”

 Nelson Mandela (R.I.P. 5th December 2013)


Welcome to the DHS Class of 1964 website.


See joining criteria below the "News" section on this Home Page.

 DHS and Foundation "Old Boys" events can be found in the section "DHS Today" (at the left of your Home Page), as well as other news of the school forwarded to the site.


​​A Zoom meeting by seven classmates, held recently across the world, is reported by Peter Disler in a new piece on Discussion Forum. It includes a Screen-shot of the old bollies and a class photo to show the ravages of time,  and sadly 5 other faces, who are now exempt from the aging process.

Our four recently deceased members have received touching tributes, posted into In Memory, as follows: Nigel Button (Class of 1963), from Rob Visick and Don Allaway; Denis Jordaan, from Clive Van Rensburg, Raleigh Keating, Stan Liansky, Peter Bydawell and Gerald Sack; Colin Layman, from Keith Barnett, Clive Van Rensburg, Chris Thorpe and Richard Bizzell; John Broom, from Fred Broom, Don Allaway, Denis Gerson and Peter Polson.

More sadness: We say farewell to  Nigel Button (Class of 1963) who passed away yesterday the 24th November 2021.

Several members have expressed condolences to Fred Broom on the death.of his brother, John.

Please add your thoughts on the passing of our friends by using the comment button in In Memory.

Our deepest condolences go to Fred Broom and family on the passing of his twin brother, John.

Spring Cleaning: Your site has been undergoing a bit of Spring Cleaning, with the photos being added to obituaries that have previously had no picture of our deceased classmates. Thank you, Colin Birbeck, for supplying a great picture of John Pigg, cropped from the 5R (1963) class photo. Friends of the site and relatives of deceased classmates have also helped with information. An interesting contribution has been made by Richard Venniker's widow, Ginny.  We are still looking for photos of Gellately, Lowe, Wright and Nidd. Can you help?  If not, how about updating your Classmate Profile Page? Or spin us a yarn in Tuck Shop Chit Chat or Discussion Forum?


Notification: The "ten new obituaries" are those newly updated with photos.


Photos wanted: Do you have a photo of any of these deceased classmates? Graham Wright, Julian Nidd, Don Gellately, John Pigg,  or Robin Lowe? If so please send them as a jpeg or tif file to the site manager, Graham Bell at, for insertion into their In Memory obituaries. The aim is to have at least one photo of your deceased classmate in each obituary.The images can be from our school days or later. Please help. Your contributions are appreciated.

More sad news: Our good friend Denis Jordaan has passed away in London after a short illness. Please add your comments and memories of Denis to In Memory. Our deepest condolences are extended to Denis's son Tom, who sent us the news, and to Denis's family.

Welcome comments on the SA local elections and Chris Thorpe's article have been added by Brian Berman and Rowley Beckett: see Discussion Forum, entries 242 and 243.

Welcome feedback on the KZN local elections are posted by Chris Thorpe in Discussion Forum No. 241. Thanks, Chris!

New comments on Neil Lamble's epic ride have been added to Discussion Forum, including some descriptions of the wonderful geography that Neil rode through.

Keith Barnett has added some valuable memories of Colin Layman in In Memory.

How is life after COVID treating you? Are you still locked down or is life returning to normal?

Tar to Turf: See Discussion Forum for the story and photos of Neil Lamble's (Class of 1973) epic ride from DHS to Cape Town in April 2021 to raise funds for a new Astroturf hockey field at the School. His ride raised over R270,000 and the field is now under construction. Members of this website helped with contributions.

Vale: Colin Layman. We are sorry to report the death of our classmate, Colin Layman, in September 2021. We are trying to find more information and to send condolences to his family. Please add your comments on him and his life to his obituary in In Memory.

More sad news: Andrew Macgregor (Class of 1966), a keen supporter of this website, swimmer, surfer and master of the bagpipes, has passed away at his home in the Cape after a galliant fight with cancer. Please add your memories of him to his obituary listed under Guest Members in In Memory.

Further comments on local elections are presented by Rowley Beckett in Discussion Forum No. 236.

Sad news has just arrived via Ed Granger (Class of 1963) (thanks, Ed) that the older brother of one of our classmates has died. Our classmate is Colin Layman and his older brother, Andrew Layman (Class of 1961) has passed away. Unfortunately, Colin has never joined this website, so at the moment we cannot contact him to pass on condolences. If you know how to contact Colin, please send information to Graham Bell via Contact Us, or at

Interesting Discussion by Chris Thorpe and Finley Hamilton on the upcoming municipal elections in South Africa, with thousands of candidates, many of whom are likely to be looking for a ride on the gravy train. See Discussion Forum, Nos. 234 and 235.

In Discussion Forum No.233, John Mason (Class of 1966) discusses the vexed philosophy of death and dying. This is thankfully not a religious tirade, but a thoughtful contemplation, drawing on examples of how some figures from English literature (real people) have approached the final moment.

John Mason (Class of 1966) farewells his great friend from Blackmores, Mike Lalouette, in Discussion Forum No.232. This is both a tribute to Mike and to the friendships that develop at DHS and last a lifetime.

Your attention is called to an important entry by Colin Mayne (Class of 1968) on progress being made in the fight against child sexual abuse using an app that is available to all DHS pupils. See Discussion Forum No. 231.

Updated Obituary: Bobby Crawford, R.I.P. 1998.  Thanks to Billy Crawford for bringing Bobby's In Memory post up to date.

Life in Lockdown: reply by Graham Bell to "Road trips..."   The new "eased" restrictions in NSW based on vaccination rates, may provoke more sound and fury from people who dont meet the criteria or cannot show a vaccine passport into local shops for, inter alia, relief from "COVID hair styles." How are you coping?

Sad News: Our Classmate, David Bolton, died at the end of August 2021. See In Memory. Thanks to Gordon Duncan for the notification.

Thanks to Rowley Beckett for his contribution to Why I live where I live, and the story of his difficulties doing business in Gauteng.

Why do you live where you live? Chris Thorpe tells of his career in education and the many places he has taught in Southern Africa, having decided against emigrating to Australia and New Zealand.. Thanks, Chris. What an amazing life you have led. See Tuckshop Chit Chat. Now, will you tell us your story? Come on School...give it a go!

New conversation about 9-11 moments by Alan Gelb and Gerald Sack. Imagine missing a bus which then explodes! See Tuckshop Chit Chat. More please...this is giving us the oxygen so badly needed.

Thanks also to John Mason for a new article in Discussion Forum on "Winning and Losing". Delve into the thoughts of a philosopher-writer amongst us.

Chris Thorpe describes the moment of hearing of the New York tragedy. You can picture the scene at his school in Swaziland. Thanks, Chris.

Please check out Tuck Shop Chit Chat, and add YOUR memories.

In Discussion Forum, John Mason (Class of 1966) tells of how and why he found a friend for life in Blackmores House in the 60s. Thanks for another great piece of writing, John. More contributions from all members and guest members are welcome. Did you make any lifelong friends at "School"?

Sad News: we regret to inform you that our Guest Member, Dave Morty (Class of 1962) passed away yesterday. His son, Andrew, sent some details, which are posted on In Memory.

Thanks to Alan Gelb for his interesting reply to "Where were you.."

Thanks to our stalwart contributors for telling us where they were when they heard the news of the attack on, and destruction of the World Trade Centre buildings in New York. One person was on the toilet, but what followed is seriously interesting and thought where were YOU? Check out TuckShop Chit Chat, enter a new topic or leave a reply to the existing pieces. Just leave us something, if only a few words on the subject. Your life and memories are important.

Where were you when the news broke about "9-11"? Did you miss the Big News? Please tell us on Chit Chat. Use the Post New Topic button.

Welcome to our latest Guest Member: Bully De Ricquebourg (Class of 1976).

Thanks for the coments: from Richard Bizzell and a reply by John Mason (Class of 1966). Can we hope for more? How about YOU? Give us some thoughts to ponder...even if it is casting pearls before varkies.

Add your comments to Discussion Forum on Barry Richards. Thanks for those of Don Allaway, Dave Levy and Roger Jones. More please.

If you are bored with lockdown, or simply need a mental pick-me-up, feast your eyes on two items (Nos. 222 and 223) in Discussion Forum, newly contributed by John Mason (Class of 1966) who is doing a supreme job in supplying interesting memories and philosophical stimuli to this website. Many thanks to John, once again. Please add your comments and help provide the oxygen that sustains our rapidly contracting time together.

Welcome to our latest guest member: Nigel Button (Class of 1963).

We have over 200 members and guest members of which more than 80 have already been alerted to the new posts by John Mason (Class of 1966), Terry Dowdall (Class of 1960) and Roger Jones, in Discussion Forum. These 80+ views should herald a small landslide of viewers who will duly read these excellent articles about life and meaning, and our human predicament. Your attention to the articles is highly commended and your comments are welcome.

Is no news good news? After the "Free Zuma" rioting, burning, looting and killing, increasing COVID Delta strain outbreaks around the world, and horrific wild-fires on three continents, a lull in bad news comes as a relief. So what better time is there to update your personal Profile Page on this website?

Or better still, seize the opportunity to write some comments below articles that interest or amuse you? The website needs you to help it stay alive. Please make a small written contribution and your fellow members may follow you with something interesting, witty or cheeky.

Now is a good time.

Thanks to Terry Dowdall (Class of 1960) for his opinion piece on "Free Zuma riots..." in Chit Chat. What is your take on the recent events? Are you on patrol at night with your neighbourhood watch? Have you been able to buy food and get cash yet? Please add your comments to this topic or open a new one.

Thanks to Ed Granger (Class of 1963) and David Geary (Class of 1966) we have some commentary and links to the unfolding situation in Gauteng and KZN. See Chit Chat > The "Free Zuma" riots, burning and looting. Please post your comments and share with us how the situation has affected you.

Some new ChitChat, on The Assembly Rituals has been contributed by Gerald Sack.

The past week has seen horrendous violence, looting and burning in KZN and Gauteng. The Chit Chat Forum "Zuma jailing" to which these frightening events are linked, has attracted no comments or uploads from you, the site members. Presumably it has all been overwhelming and depressing. Or is it inappropriate to have this discussed here? Should it be taken down? You can use Contact Us to have your say in private to the site management.

In another excellent addition to Discussion Forum, John Mason (Class of 1966) contemplates why we might laugh at apparent gullibility or what seems to be an act of ignorance. He remembers his own experience with faith healers and a Zulu witch doctor, both of which were enlisted to try to cure his polio-damaged leg.

Those of us who live abroad and follow reports coming from South Africa will be shocked by the violence, looting and burning going on in Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg and on the N3 motorway in Natal.  These events are linked to the recent jailing in Estcourt of the former president, Jacob Zuma. If you have any comments, news and links to share, please add them to the new forum opened in Tuckshop Chit Chat.

A new piece by John Mason (Class of 1966) in Discussion Forum tells of an amaizing moment in the times we lived through when young men of different race and social status came together in a fleeting moment of pure equality. Thanks, John, for another magnificent contribution.

Another "Life in Lockdown" piece has been added by Graham Bell telling of road trips that have brought pleasure and enlightenment and unloaded some of the cash saved from locked-out air travel.

Revival of the DHS Bulletin by the DHS Foundation has been achieved after a long absense. See

An interesting account of growing up in South Africa amongst leopards and baboons in the Cape, schooling in Durban and teaching university, then emigrating to Israel and living in a very hybrid community in the North, is told by Gerald Sack in "Why I live where I live" in Tuckshop Chit Chat. Thanks Gerald. Amaizing!

By the way: Your Tuck Shop Chit Chat feature has now grown to 40 forums covering 150 topics to amaze you!  Inside each topic, there can be up to 7 or 8 commentaries or "replies". So the actual authored contributions number many more than 150, and the "views" by you the members add up to an even greater number.

The content is thanks to your enthusiasm. Some content has been borrowed from our brother DHS websites (scroll down to the end of announcements for their links) but the vast majority is your original input to "Class of 1964". Your site management thanks all who have jumped onto their keyboards. Please don't stop making Chit Chat and this site truly something special. Remember there is also "Discussion Forum" available to address any subject you wish. You don't need an open Forum to contribute. Just whack it in. We need you to keep this site alive.

Rowley Beckett and Cedric Parker (Class of 1966) chat on, on the topic of life in lockdown 12 months later. Why not join them? Your ideas and experiences are valued! See Tuck Shop Chit Chat> 12 months on, hanging out in Sydney. Feel free to start your own topic inside any of the many Chit Chat forums. Click on the left-hand side of the page to open the list of topics in each forum. There is a button for you to start a new topic. If you want a completely new forum, please contact site management and we'll open one for you. Go ahead and Chat away! It is your site...if you dont use it, you'll not be flogged will just fade away. Boo hoo!

Another hilarious piece by Paul Van De Wall to brighten your day: Paul takes us through his years at DHS as a progression toward the gallery of the school hall, only to be foiled by Wrinkles sending the Sixth Form to the front from where they started in the Third. Curses! No antics from on high for Class of 1964! See Chit Chat>Memories of School>The School Assembly Rituals.

Rowley Beckett reviews Australia's current lock-out policy, particularly for Indian Australians wanting to return to the relative safety of their country after being amid the highly infectious D-strain of COVID in the country of their birth. See Chit chat> Life in Lock-down one year on> 12 months of hanging out in Sydney.

Also: Ed Granger (Class of 1963) comments on School Assemblies Rituals in Chit Chat.

Why do you live where you live? How about contributing a couple of hundred words in answering this question? Just open Chit Chat and go to the Forum on this subject, then get your keyboard fingers moving. It is fascinating to read of why and where you live: some still back in Durban, others spead far and wide in South Africa and the World. Everyone has an interesting story to share.

More comments on the School Assembly rituals by Peter Disler, Brian Berman, Ian Robertson (Class of 1961), Colin Mayne (Class of 1968) and Graham Bell. See Chit Chat> Memories of School> The School Assembly Ritual. If you had been on staff at Speech Day, how would you have robed yourself?

12 months on and a fourth lockdown for Melbourne and all of Victoria. Peter Disler tells how, just when restrictions were easing, Australia is again a prison with a difference: people are locked out, not (totally) locked in. Is this racism in practice? See Chit Chat>12 months after lock-down> Hanging out in Sydney.

Comments from Lloyd Noel (Class of 1966), Harold Silver, Michael Woodford (Class of 1963) and Cedric Parker (Class of 1966) attest to the excellence of Ian Robertson (Class of 1961)'s piece on the School Assembly Ritual. Ian has updated his personal photo to one with a post-lockdown hairstyle (Praise the Lord! Dankie Vader!) See Tuckshop Chit Chat> Memories of School> The Assembly Ritual. The photo of Wrinkles et al was probably taken at a special assembly in 1965 or 1966.

Do you remember how each day at DHS in the 60s, began? You will find the piece by Ian Robertson (Class of 1961) valuable to jog to your memory and a delightful description of what we went through every day. See: Tuck Shop Chit Chat> Memories of School> The School Assembly Ritual.

Welcome to our newest member, Peter Bowers, who lives in the icy north of Canada. We look forward to hearing more about him and his life since leaving DHS.

The sad news is that Allan Ireland, about whom John Mason (Class of 1966) wrote an amazing portrait  in Discussion Forum, died of a heart attack in 2005 in South Africa. We are indebted to Ian Robertson for this information. An In Memory page for Allan has been set up on the DHS Class of 1966 website. Our condolences go to John and to Allan's family, wherever they may be. If you have not read John's verbal portrait, you will gain from doing so now. See Discussion Forum "All about Allan Ireland".

A remarkable piece on Discussion Forum has been posted by John Mason (Class of 1966) "All about Alan Ireland". John is never short of words, but this story is worth your time and effort to read and allow it to evoke some activity in your aging brain cells. Thanks, John.

A fine article on the history of the school bell has been provided by Ian Robertson (Class of 1961) and two welcome comments by Ed Granger and bell-ringer (1961) Peter Disler. By the way, Peter mentions his partner-bell-ringer John Nuyten. Is anyone in contact with John? It would be good to hear from/of him.

A Discussion Forum posting has been made by John Mason (Class of 1966) on the philosophy of the school bell and its place in life in Blackmores. Were YOU a bell-ringer? Have you developed any strange affliction since relinguishing the role? Where is that ship's bell now? What has taken its place? Can you help answer these questions? (Our day-school campanologist for part of Class of 64's attendance was the later Dux, Peter Disler. Any memories to share, Pete?)

Neil Lamble (Guest Member, Class of 1973) has reached Cape Town on his heroic bicycle ride to help raise funds for a new hockey field surface at DHS. Details of how to contribute have been sent to 187 members and guest members by e-mail. If you need more information, contact Neil directly using his profile page on this site.

Fifth entry...rolling on! Billy Crawford looks back nostalgically at life in Durban from his new-found family HQ in Perth. Thanks for this latest entry in "Why I live where I live" (Tuckshop Chit Chat).

Fourth's feeling like a roll...c'mon school!...See Chit Chat "Why I live where I live" - a reply to the first entry (Bell's) by Lloyd Noel (Class of 1965) who actually rejected a free pass into Oz only to be sent there 15 years later by his company. More please everyone..roll it!

Third entry...are we rolling yet? Are we there yet? See Chit Chat "Why I live where I live" entry by Dave Levy.   Also a link to a blog by John Goott on why he lived on the road during COVID.  Thanks guys!

Second entry. Is this the start of a roll? See Chit Chat: Why I live where I live. Thanks Paul Van De Wall.

Forum Opened: "Why I live where I live": One entry so far. Will you show and tell about why you stayed or why you went? Our members are interested in how and why you have done that. No pressure! Post your piece flogging!

Did you stay or go? Why do you live where you live? You have an interesting story to tell. Please add your piece to the Forum in Chit Chat: "Why I live where I live". Your life IS INTERESTING...tell your classmates what determined your place of abode/s.

Missing member found and lost: Our Classmate, Peter Bellingan, has been found by our new Guest Member, Chris Bellingan (Class of 1973) but sadly Peter died in 2016 from prostate cancer. Chris and Peter's wife, Anne, have supplied the obituary information now gracing In Memory (see entry for 2016). Please add your comments and memories of Peter.

Welcome to new Guest Member, Chris Bellingan (Class of 1973).

Our amazing archive of Chit-Chat: You may be missing a huge amount of commentary and stories by our members in Tuck Shop Chit-Chat. The trick is to click on the LEFT coloumn called FORUMS to see all the stories and chatter in each FORUM. On the right side is the latest addition to that Forum, which unfortunately obscures the previous TOPIC in each Forum. You'll be amazed to find....interesting and amusing rhubarb from members contributed since 2012. Some is actually hilarious and most are fragments of our decaying brain cells. See if you can find the ten accounts of the "school assembly hold-up"...Enjoy your website.

Two thoughtful pieces appear as Discussion Forums #206 and 207 from John Mason (Class of 1966).   Comments welcome. 

Two interesting contributions from Rowley Beckett are posted in Chit-Chat >"Lockdown 12 months on" and "Memories of School". Hear it from a genuine farmer, currently marooned at the top of a hill with a herd of livestock, by once-in-a-century rain. Then tell us how you are coping?

Life in Lock-down one year on: new Tuck Shop Chit-Chat Forum. Tell us what you have been doing and what life has been like for you this past pandemic year.

Request for help from Stewart Sutherland regarding MDS-RCMD. If you have had a similar diagnosis or can offer support in any way, please contact Stewart on his profile page or if you do not require privacy, simply post a reply on Tuckshop Chit Chat> General Discussion. Our website is reaching new levels of usefulness to our classmates and guest members through this kind of post by Stewart. Please help if you can.

Neil Lamble (Class of 1973) introduces himself and reflects on the big issues the 64s have witnessed through the Jiggs affair. It make refreshing reading. See Discussion Forum, No. 205.

DISCUSSION FORUM No.204: Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961) contrasts two different responses to the culture of DHS with thought provoking effect and some unvarnished honesty.

Discussion Forum No. 203 carries a special piece by John Mason (Class of 1966), recalling the death of  a pupil he taught in Melbourne, Australia, and its impact on him and the boys.

An appeal will be sent to you by email for a "sponsorship" of an individual ride by Neil Lamble (Class of 1973), one of our latest Guest Members, from his home in Scottburgh to Cape Town. I have given Neil my support, and hope you too will consider doing so.  Graham (Site Manager).

Yes, some DHS teachers were good at promoting learning as well as being entertaining: John Mason (Class of 1966) pays a warm and deserved tribute to Bob Vander Molen. See Our Teachers.

Discussion Forum expands again with a long but very poignant piece by Ed Granger (Class of 1963). See Discussion Forum, No.202.

More erudite input: See Discussion Forum Nos. 198-201 by John Mason (Class of 1966) and David Levy and Brian Berman. It's your site and is what you make it. More erudition or simple ranting is very welcome.

The beat goes on: Cedric Parker (Class of 1966) and Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961) continue the philosophy of existence and the hereafter in DIscussion Forum, Nos. 196 and 197.

And now for something completely different: Philosophy about the aging brain and the nature of life and death, by John Mason (Class of 1966) and Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961) in Discussion Forum Nos. 193, 194 & 195.

Discussion continues on the Forum with reminiscences of the showdown meeting with the school over the Jiggs issue, from Terrence Dowdall (Class of 1961), Roger Jones and Keith Barnett.

Keith adds a rebuke to the School of our era for the violence that went on (typified by boys flogging boys) and ordinary teachers who, apart from being generally hopeless at their jobs, gave vent to their frustrations by bashing boys with their fists: Izaak Van Heerden, being a prime example. See Discussion Forum No.192.

More to think about: Chris Thorpe believes the key to a good school is its leadership. See Chit Chat: "Was DHS a GOOD school?"

Another Discussion Forum addition: Colin Mayne remembers the historic COBs meeting with the school in May 2015.

New entries to Discussion Forum: Roger Sheppard (Class of 1961) and John Mason (Class of 1966) add words of praise to the COBs and the success of SSS1. (Safe Schools Seminar held in May 2019). John remembers a severely disabled friend from The Open Air School who was so fiesty he landed in jail. Roger looks forward to helping with SSS2 currently under discussion.

Tributes to the memory of Howard Buttery have been posted by David King and Gerald Sack. See In Memory.

Ed Granger (Class of 1963) and Justin Paul (Class of 1980) add to Discussion Forum with memories of the crucial meeting in May 2015 when the school management faced the five (Famous Five?) Concerned Old Boys (COBs) and acceeded to demands for an apology over how Jiggs had been allowed to get away with child sexual abuse at DHS for nearly four decades.

Justin Paul (Class of 1980) and Keith Barnett remember the time they were central to reaching an apology by the school management for the protected activities of Jiggs Gray and the strong opposition of Howard Buttery. Now learn about the Safe Schools Seminar (SSS) held in May 2019 and plans to continue more of these. See Discussion Forum.

Welcome to new Guest Member, Jane Watts (Class of 1976, DGHS). Jane sponsors a DHS boarder and will be telling us about how this came about and about her DHS sponsoree. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, Jane, enjoy the site.

Remembering DHSOBs who were not sporting stars: Did you know that a DHS Old Boy was nominated three times for the Nobel Prize? Read the obituary to Philip Tobias (Class of 1944) in DHS Histories.

Surviving Life in Blackmores: New piece by John Mason (Class of 1966) in Chit Chat. A rare glimpse into bonding and brutish behaviour. Comments and your reflections are welcome.

Three new pieces have been added to Discussion Forum, two by John Mason (Class of 1966) and your site manager, Graham Bell. We reflect on truth and lies and how a group of 30 Old Boys made history in 2015 against forces of glory and tradition, all for the betterment of DHS.

Welcome to Neil Lamble (Class of 1973), our latest Guest Member. We look forward to hearing more from you.

Another thought-provoking piece by John Mason (Class of 1966) questions the nature of loyalty and commitment and how these have been manifested in our experience at DHS and in recent years. See Chit-Chat>50th reunion comments.

John remembers an "old gentleman" who would take to cheering on, from the sideline, the spectators and rugby teams  at First 15 matches: a strangely demented old fellow but clearly beloved of the student body. There is an excellent piece in Photo Galleries by Roger Sheppard, explaining who Ralph Whittle, the "old gentleman" was, and how he sustained his lasting brain injury. If you have a photo of Ralph, please send it to the site manager, or post it into Photo Galleries. Comments and evoked memories of Ralph are most welcome.

Thanks to Terry Dowdall and Richard Bell for comments on the "GOOD School" DHS was seen to be.

Was DHS a "GOOD" school? asks Chris Thorpe, in the latest Chit Chat (see top of the list). The outward appearances of the schoolboys in their smart uniforms and British-style bashers, sometimes accompanying their mothers at morning tea in town on a Saturday, did wonders for this "GOOD" impression despite there being no department that marketed the school in those days. In sport and academically, DHS boys and Old Boys, were often at the top of any list.

Thanks to Roger Jones for kicking off the Chit Chat on the 60th anniversary of starting at DHS.

Many of our cohort live in strange and interesting places. Maybe not so strange or interesting...but, anyway, we'd like to know why you live there and what life is like. There is a new topic in Chit Chat for you to wax forth: "Why I live where I live."

60 years ago most of Class of 1964 were arriving at DHS to start Third Form. What do you remember of your first days at School? (Thanks to Roger Jones for this topic). It is our 60th anniversary of starting at DHS! Please write some of your thoughts into this NEW Chit Chat topic.

A memory of the 50th reunion by Paul Van de Wall raises the subject again of Howard Buttery's zealotry for DHS and his abrasiveness that some of us had to endure. Paul looks back with enormous generosity and a hint of discomfort. See Chit Chat 50th Reunion Comments.

Comments are coming thick and fast regarding the HNBH 40th reunion article, "agony.." (see Chit Chat). Many thanks so far to Roger Sheppard,  Brian Berman, Terry Dowdall and Roger Jones for contributions.        Were we living at a different time before things got that bad? Or were we better brought up young gentlemen surrounded by polite and noble Zulus? Were there better things to do and distract us in Durban? Or were we, at heart, (Ducktails - the dread of Wrinkles! - gatecrashing parties and fighting), like the article's author, but just a little more restrained? Had anything changed between 1964 and 1981?

Not everyone anticipates a school reunion with glee and delight. A significant article has been received from Roger Jones, written by a member of the class of 1981 of Highlands North Boys High, Johannesburg, in which the author goes over things that have troubled his mind about meeting up for a 40th class reunion.The link can be found in Chit Chat> Memories of our 50th Reunion.Warning: you may find this article confronting and disturbing.

Tributes flow for Howard Buttery. Close to 100 members have visited the site in the 24 hours after the announcement of the death of Howard Buttery. Comments to his obituary page have been added by Stan Lianski, Peter Polson, Randal Payne, Richard Bizzell, Selwyn Bass, Finley Hamilton, David Geary (Class of 1966) and John Mason (Class of 1966).

Death of Howard Buttery, to COVID-19. News has just reached the site of Howard's death this morning (12th January). An obituary is in preparation. Please add your memories and thoughts to the In Memory entry. Our condolences to Bruce Buttery, Mrs Buttery and family.

More from John Mason (Class of 1966) on "assumptions and harsh realities" in Chit Chat. John remembers how his fellow school mates helped to make time at DHS worthwhile. He draws our attention to their many great achievements in later life, including Phillip Tobias, who became a professor of Anthropology at Wits and made important discoveries about the origins of homo sapiens. Tobias was nominated for the Nobel Prize three times.

Thoughts about a 60th Reunion: Terry Dowdall shares his enthusiasm for a reunion that is spread over several days and urges the Class of 1964 to start planning and saving now. He remembers the Class of 1961's 50th at "Quarters" and another held a year ago in Marrakech, Morocco. This topic has been moved to the top of Chit-Chat for easy access. Comments welcome.

Despite the "harsh realities" of life, DHS gave us all a great start, writes Howard Buttery, in reply to Memories of School (in Chit-Chat).

And yet another erudite piece on "...harsh reality" (Chit-Chat > Memories of School, from one of the school's amazing achievers (working to institute fairness in the SA economy after the fall of apartheid ), David Geary (Class of 1966). Read, and be amazed to find...

What a work of wonder is this website? We have had two astute reflections from great thinkers in our midst within 24 hours: First the long and beautifully written piece by John Mason (Class of 1966) in Chit-Chat > Memories of School (now moved to top of the list for easy access) which he called "Assumptions checked by harsh reality" - a meander through his thoughts and actions in the 60s and 70s that eventually brought him to work and live in Australia; then a reply by psychologist Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961) with its own penetrating memories of how he encountered assumptions and harsh reality on his way to working and living his life in CapeTown. Both had begun their journey in the moist warm air of Durban and the British-styled schools we all know so well. His piece is now on top of John's but opening the newer one (Terry's) will also open John's. Read on, dear members. We continue to live in interesting times. This is not necessarily a curse.

Treat yourself to some time in reading John Mason's reminiscences in Chit-Chat>Memories of School (scroll down the topics list to find this one, please). Thank you John!

Terry Dowdall remembers a photo of Dog in his early days. The owner has been tracked to Class of 1961 and asked if he'll share it with us. See Chit-Chat > Our Teachers.

A rare, hilarious account of an encounter with Dog is told by Paul Butler in Chit Chat> Our Teachers. Thanks, Paul, this is a corker.

Welcome to new Guest Member, Rick Prins (Class of 1962).

Better memories of a teacher: Roger Sheppard replies to Mark Polti in Letter to Mr Turton and mentions Moray Comrie who attended  one of the first of Allan Turton's trips to the Berg / Free State. He was one of many artists that Turton taught and in that respect gave to the world. See Chit Chat > Letter to a Teacher.

More on the dreadful Dog. Francois Everson (Class of 1966) endured the worst of Dog's cruel and deranged state of mind, as a boarder in his final (and from friends' accounts, academically exemplary) year at DHS. See Tuckshop Chit Chat> Our Teachers.

Another comment on Dog and our teachers by Chris Thorpe demonstrates the great influence of good teachers on school and later achievement.

Further comments on Dog...from Rowley Beckett and John Mason. See Chit Chat> Our Teachers.

Did Dog have a dismal shag somewhere? In Maritzburg perhaps? The most piercing memories of Dog (Frank) Perkins has been posted on Our Teachers in Tuckshop Chit Chat. Thank you Terry Dowdall. Can you help fill the gaps in this teacher's story? How did the School and NED ever let him into a classroom?

Dancing lessons proved productive in many ways for DHS boys in the 60s. In fact they helped to increase the SA population, as told by Richard Bell. See "Dudley Andrews.." in Chit Chat.

Teachers and their strange nicknames. How were these generated? "Dog", "Spike", "Bad Foot", "Smelly" were some of the cruelest. Were they deserved? Please join the discussion in Chit Chat "Our Teachers". And if you have information on "Snakes Chandler" it will be appreciated by possible friends of his from junior school.

New piece from Lindsay Brown remembers Theo when he lived at the Caister. See Chit Chat> Our Teachers.

Bunking rugby for dancing lessons had a great pay-off for Stewart Sutherland.  See Tuckshop Chit Chat: Saturdays at Dudley Andrews. Delightful!

New Discussion Forum pieces by Don Allaway and Chris Thorpe in tribute to the memory of Des Thompson.  Many thanks. Please keep your memories and ideas rolling...come-on school...

Hooray! Some of us are still alive! Thanks for the private messages and comments...and to Gerald Sack for adding some thoughts on the effect of the COVID pandemic on the quality of education children are getting at this time: pretty grim. He is thankful for growing up in Durban and going to DHS.

Are you still alive?  The site has not heard from you for a long time! Has the virus got your keyboard?

Some members have not updated their e-mail addresses. Only they can do this. So if your name is shown below, please open your profile page and make the necessary changes to your details. Here are our esteemed "Bouncers":  Please come back!

What have you been doing lately?  Please tell us about your life in lockdown or whatever memories you have of life before or since 1964.

John Duncan (Class Of 1965)    
Ian Poole (Class Of 1962)    
Reg van Rij (Class Of 1963)    
Walter May    
Arthur Connell    
Ian Vowles    
John Wilson    
John Herbst  

A welcome clarification by Howard Buttery on his position on DHS paedophiles and a recommendation on the Sas Nourse book is posted in Discussion Forum.

Recent (password protected) discussion has attracted over 140 visits.

Please pitch in with what you think and feel. The site's policy is to include every member's (and guest member's) contribution, and to let you have complete freedom to "spill your guts", spell creatively, and use the keyboard in your own personal way!

Where are our missing members? If you know a DHS Old Boy who was in our Class or even not in our Class, who should join in the pleasure of being a member / guest member of this site, please get them to use "Contact Us" to request admission.

Perhaps some have died...please let site management know if you know or think some of our missing members have passed on.

More Discussion to read while you are locked down or up: thanks to Bruce Birrell (Class of 1962), Peter Harrison, Stu Clark (Class of 1963), Cedrick Parker, and Howard Buttery, for stirring the memory cells and pitching their views of "what was hid and what was did."

Another great piece of writing on Discussion Forum has been posted by John Mason (Class of 1966). Also a brief comment from Richard Bizzell. Thanks to both.

New book published on the life of D.G.(Sas) Nourse: Written by Sas's son-in-law, Clive Shedlock and School Historian, Jeremy Oddy (Class of 1963), the 199 page tome is published by The DHS Foundation and is on sale for R300. To buy a copy, contact the CEO of The DHS Foundation, Andrew Shedlock on 038 791 7646 or 031 833 6770, or e-mail:

Two new thoughtful pieces for your consideration and comment have been posted by John Mason (Class of 1966) on The Wall and Meneer Hager, in Discussion Forum. Both are confronting pieces and worthy of your time.

A very amusing reply to Dancing at Dudley Andrews in Chit Chat has been posted by Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961). This comes close to a "true confession" which should stir a few more from the 100 or so members who usually read these postings.  You have the thoughts and the time...why not share them with your old mates?

Amazing praise for Des Thompson from former DHS teacher, John Mason (Class of 1966). See Chit Chat: Life in Lockdown. Many thanks, John. I had one bad experience of Des, but one swallow does not a summer make (Graham Bell) and Ma Bell spoke highly of him as a headmaster. How about you? These memories are precious, please keep them coming.

Saturdays at Dudley Andrews: What do remember of your experiences learning to dance? See the latest addition to Tuckshop Chit Chat.

New comments on Chit Chat: Thanks to Rowley Beckett and Gerald Sack for their latest contributions. Please remember to click the left Forum panel to reveal the full list of excellent pieces on each subject. Most members have so far missed the excellent writing on "Loyalty and Committment" by John Mason (Class of 1966) in the General Discussion section of Chit Chat (now near top of page). Check it out.

Great new pieces on Tuck Shop Chit Chat:

Alan Gelb posts an interesting study of schools in South Africa and how they were shaped by race, class and language: DHS being a prime example. (See Chit Chat> General Discussion).

That forum is now also graced by insightful memories of DHS by John Mason (Class of 1966), on "loyalty and commitment" (See Chit Chat>General Discussion. Click on Forum topic at the left of the page to find John's piece.) 

Ralph Tyrrell has contributed another sterling memoir of a DHS "PINGO" boys's life on the buses and wistful longings evoked by girl school fellow-travellers. (See Chit Chat > Pingo Boys). Did you know that the families of the Pingo boys were all moved out (to Toti and elsewhere) by the infamous Group Areas Act? Who came from Toti? What was your life like? And the Bluff? Did you ever see Jiggs up there on his racing bicycle?

Welcome to our new Guest Member, Bruce Birrell (Class of 1962).

Long or short, your contributions are welcome: Thanks for recent additions to Chit Chat from Starr Glen Williamson (Blackmores) and Alan Gelb (Life in Lockdown). It is good to know that a letter from Roger to Queen Elizabeth, can have such influence!

Thanks also to Ian Robertson and David Bolton for new information on the death of David Chamberlain in 1992 (See In Memory). The dismal list is growing ever longer but is one of the key features of this web-site. Please add what you remember about those on the list and let the site know if you learn of one of our Members or Guest Members passing away.

Please keep the comments and news coming.

Fourth Form Dorm pic with names, has been posted by Peter Bydawell. See Tuck-Shop Chit-Chat "Blackmores".

With many countries in the world now being hit by the second wave of COVID-19 cases, this site may be more valuable than ever to you, so please update your Profile Page and upload some pics of your life now and in the past....and enjoy the wealth of content the site now contains.

Thanks to Cedric Parker and Paddy Farrell (DHS Class of 1966 web-site) for the piece by Mark Twain on his visit to Durban in 1896. See "Durban in the 50s and 60s" - clearly fascinating despite pre-dating the period covered in our "Histories" section.

More memories on life in Blackmores. Thanks to Paul Butler for his addition to Chit Chat.

How are you coping in the Pandemic? Enough toilet rolls?

New piece on Blackmores by Stu (Mossie) Clark, and several photos of the house from 1961 to 1963. See Tuck Shop Chit Chat> Blackmores > "Dinner time..." (Now top of list) Thanks for lending us your detailed account, and the photos, Stu, from the Class of 1963 web-site. Thanks also to Peter Bydawell for facilitating this acquisition.

Rozanne's poem appreciated: Thanks to Rowley Beckett and Ed Granger for their comments. See Tuck Shop Chit Chat > Life in Lock-down >The World Stood Still.

Tracing  members and guests who have gone before:

We currently have profile information for 187 members and guest members. We have recorded the deaths of 54 of our number, as can be seen by the rose emblems next to names in the Classmate Profiles section. If you have time, please look down the list and see if you can identify any name without a rose emblem who you know to have died. Then let the site management know via "Contact us". Our site depends on your good efforts. Thanks!

The World Stood Still: a creative word picture from Rozanne Baker (nee Language, Guest Member) has been posted on "Life in Lockdown" in Tuck Shop Chit Chat.

Howard his own words. See Tuckshop Chit Chat. Thanks to Stu Clark (Class of 1963) and to Howard for sharing this amazing piece.

Vale: Chris Swales (Class of 1965, Guest Member). Chris  was looking at the site shortly before he died and his son, Tristin, was able to use it to let Alan Gelb know of this sad news. You will find his obituary at In Memory. Scroll down to the Guest Members. Please add your comments and memories.

More Classmates remember Peter Misselbrook with sympathy and wisdom. Thanks to all who have commented.

Starr Glen-Williamson does his ironing and harvests pecan nuts on his farm in Zim, and chats to Rowley Becket and us all. Thanks for sharing your life experiences, Starr. See his Profile Page.

Six Classmates have added memories of Peter Misselbrook to In Memory. Thanks!

Thanks for contributions to Chit Chat by Mark Polti and Rowley Beckett, both retaining enthusiasm for art practice learned from teacher Alan Turton.

Vale: Peter Misselbrook. Who will not feel their hearts start to break at the news that one of the most talented of our Class, Peter Misselbrook, has passed away? Please share your thoughts on In Memory. Thanks to Fred Broom for alerting us.

Thanks for your comment on Chit Chat: Rowley Beckett.

Welcome new contributions to Chit Chat, "Life in Lockdown" and "Letter to a Teacher" come from John Mason (Class of 1966), Roger Jones and Keith Barnett. Enjoy these, and please consider sharing some of your life and memories with your classmates.

New Topic in Chit Chat: Roger Jones kicks off "20 Years After 1964". Please let us know what you were doing in 1984.  Roger also replies to Peter Glaum's "Hanging out in Aurora." Please enjoy the site and add your memories and recent experiences...stay well and safe!

Hanging out in Aurora: Peter and Dawn Glaum share the times and wisdom. See Chit Chat.

Life in lockdown: Alan Gelb and Roger Jones confess..

More comments posted to In Memory. Thanks Ken, Ed & Martin. More?

New contributions to Chit Chat and In Memory. Thanks to Gerald Sack and Roger Jones.

Please post your comments and photos while you are browsing the site.

R.I.P. Alan Rutherford. Sad farewell. COVID-19 takes another Classmate

Tuckshop Chit Chat: "Life in Lockdown." Tell us what you are doing and dreaming of.

R.I.P. Alec Turner: COVID-19 claims one of our own. See In Memory.

New Chit Chat Topic: "Life in Lock-down". Have a go! And show us in a picture, what you are up to or wish you were up to...see below:

On the brighter side. Here is something you can do to brighten our site and our collective mood: Take the "COVID-19 PHOTO CHALLENGE!"

Post a photo of what you are doing at the moment or wish you were doing at the moment. Go to Photo Galleries and post your picture or send it to Site Management. It must be a jpeg picture file. We can do this!

How?  All Members and Guests are able to add photos to the COVID-19 Challenge gallery. Scroll down to the photos and click on the first "COVID" picture. Then click on the "add photo" button (below the pics revealed on the gallery) and follow the prompts to upload pictures from your computer.


More Sad News:  Death of Mike Macnab (Class of 1963, Guest Member). A moving tribute to Mike, written by Ian Robertson (Class of 1961), is posted on  In Memory. Please share your thoughts.

Thanks for the many contributions to In Memory for Trevor Nicholson.

Sad News: Death of Trevor Nicholson. Gordon Duncan brings us news of Trevor's passing, received on 16th March. Please add your memories of Trevor to In Memory.

Dreaming on: The Edward Disco and "Summertime". Memories from Ralph Tyrrell and Peter Harrison in Chit Chat > Memories of Durban > Peter Chen's Chinese Restaurant.

"Sweet and Sour Reminiscences" from Gerald Sack of his family's connections with and memories of South Africans of Chinese origin. See Tuck Shop Chit Chat > Memories of Durban > Peter Chen's Chinese Restaurant. Thanks for this contribution (belatedly announced here with apologies).

More comments on Sport Scholarships from two former educators. See Discussion Forum.

Sport Scholarships: Six reasons to stop the practice, by Tony Daymond (Class of 1963) and another comment by Alan Gelb. See Discussion Forum.

New comments roll in: Four members have commented on the DHS-Glenwood sporting-ties break. Thanks! See Discussion Forum.

New Tuck Shop Chit Chat on The True Face Of Apartheid, by Gerald Sack. He recalls his research days at University of Natal and working in what was then, an almost taboo field.

All members: Please have your say and share memories on this site. We have had over 100 visits since the Glenwood news broke. Your contributions are keeping the site alive and of value. What do you think?

DHS breaks sporting ties with Glenwood

A letter from the Chair of the DHS School Governing Body, posted on the DHS Facebook page, today (6-2-20), declared that DHS will not play any sport with Glenwood until further notice. The letter is copied on our DHS Today page. Click  the panel on the left of your Home Page. If you wish to speculate on why this has happened and what it might mean, please have your say on Discussion Forum.

Historical document unearthed: At a casual getogether in Sydney on 31st January 2020 (See Photo Galleries), David Bushell (Class of 1967) presented the site with a newly discovered, faded, copy of the Natal Mercury DHS Centenary Supplement of 1 June 1966. A small sample of this 40 page tribute to the School by the people of Durban, can now be found in DHS Histories.

Vale: Bobby Hex. We are sad to report that Bobby died a week ago of cancer, in Australia. Thanks for this information from Howard Buttery.   Please add comments and memories of Bobby to In Memory.

Great new pic of last day of term in 1964 has surfaced: See Photo Galleries> Press Photos. Thanks, Owen Van Renen!

55th Anniversary Getogether: An informal gathering at Hops (Riverside Hotel) was held on Thursday 21st November 2019. People attending are shown in the new Photo Gallery (click panel at left of your Home Page). It is hoped to make this an annual event.

If you have other pics (of anything of interest to members) upload them into Photo Galleries directly, or send to Graham Bell as jpeg files. Please include a caption.

Photo Galleries: Remember the site has a great collection of photos and picture essays supplied by members. Why not check it out and add something of your own to share with members? It is very easy. See latest of Bells and Dislers in Photo Galleries > Casual Getogethers > Graham Bell.

Vale: Kier Struben. Another recent departure for higher service: the imposing figure of Kier Struben. Please add what you remember of him to the In Memory section.

More sad news . . . . 

We have been advised by Pat, his wife, that Mervyn Collocott passed away on 7 September.  As yet, there are no further details.  Please feel free to add your own tribute and memories of Mervyn, a character among our year.

Another of our Cohort has moved on.

Hedley Appleby has advised us that Angus Hilson passed away in January 2017. Please see In Memory for Hedley's remembrances of "Gus".

Bouncing Members: Please help alert these Classmates to contact me with their latest e-mail addresses. They will not be receiving communications from the web-site because their e-mail addresses have changed (we are all hitting retirement) or for some other reason. If your name is on the list below, and you are reading this, please let me know anyway, by e-mail. Thanks, Graham Bell ( And the Bouncers are:

Allan Farquharson; Walter May; Brian Hulley; John Wilson; Angus Hilson; Brian Brickman; Cecil Miller; John Brecher; Colin Lanham; John Duncan; Gerald Sack;Roy Morris; Ian Vowles; John Herbst.


Coverage of Safe Schools Seminar reaches all South African School Governing Bodies.

The success of the SSS, which began life on this website, has reached unexpected heights with the whole of the South African Governing Body Foundation newsletter, Undercurrents, on 7th June 2019, devoted to detailed coverage of the event. The SSS reportage helped highlight Child Protection Week.

See Discussion Forum, Entry No. 153.

The Safe Schools Seminar was hailed a success on 10th May 2019. Further details are posted in Discussion Forum, Entry No.149.

Vale: Charles Jackson (Class of 1964). Charles died at age 73 on 10th May 2019. If you remember Charles and would like to add to the clipping supplied by Peter Bydawell (thanks, Pete), please go to In Memory and share your memories of him with us.

New photos in Photo Gallery. See Press Photos from 1963 supplied by Stu Clark (Class of 1963) and Lindsay Brown.

Class of 1965 website is alive and well, with 92 profiles and many interesting features. Visit it at: (click link)

Vale: Ian Sumner (Class of 1963), athlete and sportsman of great prowess. See his obituary in DHS Histories. Thanks to our brother websites and Bruce Hearn (Class of 1963) for providing this sad news of Ian's passing in November last year.

Welcome to new Guest Member: Ian Tayfield (Class of 1966). 1 Feb 2019.

DHS Nobel Prize Winner dies aged 92

Sir Aaron Klug OM

11-8-1926  -  20-11-2018

See this important obituary in DHS Histories (click on panel on left of Home Page)

Tuesday 26 September 2018 - DHS takes the lead

The following has been received from the School, a milestone in the ongoing initiative to protect current and future learners, and tackle some of the myriad threats that can impact lives during and beyond the formative years of their education.

Safe Schools Seminar Announcement

Educators and Learners

face daily challenges 

negative digital media, sexual abuse, violence,

substance abuse

Durban High School

cordially invites you to attend the

Safe School Seminar

Exploring the possibilities of creating safer schools

Guest Speakers        Workshops        Exhibits

Date: Friday 10 May 2019

Time: 8am to 4.30pm

Venue: DHS, 255 St Thomas Road, Musgrave

Bookings Open -1 November 2018

Early Bird Price -R450pp (until 31 January 2019) Thereafter -R550pp


And now for something completely different: 8 September 2018

Penzance Primary and DHS pupil, now a teacher of note at our School, Winston Owen has sent us the following snippet below.  The link brings back memories of past days spent in the Natal Midlands and the Natal Drakensberg.  Enjoy . . . .

Below is a link to a YouTube video of a song that was influenced by the Beatles Day Tripper.  Being Old Boys from the 60s, I thought that you may enjoy a little bit of old-school influenced pop-rock over the weekend.

Click on one of the links below to view:

YouTube Atom Trippin

Every now and again, we get forced to make time to do things that we actually enjoy doing, rather than work and governance. In my case, I enjoy creating entertainment, whether song writing, recording or creating a video. The song was written after my first visit to the Atom Museum in the beautiful Byrne Valley (Richmond, KZN). When I got home and picked up my guitar, I found this catchy little riff that reminded me of Day Tripper, so I went with it and wrote this song about our day trip.  My sister had to write an article for the Meander Chronicles about the ATOM Museum being relocated to Bainsfield. So she requested that I record the song and film it as an adjunct to her online article.

The singer is Andrew Webster, from Class of 92. The woman in the video is the daughter of a friend of Class of 85. Our friends who live up there in Byrne Valley are from Class of 87. The video was filmed and edited by my daughter (Class of 89).  So, all in all, old School has a lot to do with the beginning and the end-product.

I hope that you all enjoy it.


Winston Owen


UPDATE 6 September 2018: Don Allaway's tribute to Johnny Slater has been added to the first page at In Memory.

Welcome to Selwyn Bass who has joined!

Selwyn was an all-round prominent member of our cohort during our years at DHS.  His profile is available to view, he is another member of the UK contingent among us, and a worthy addition to Tottenham Hotspur supporters. 

Henry Harkcom and John Mason (1966) have added their own memories of Johnny Slater. 

NEWS Updated 3 September, 2018:

For the second day in a row, we have sad news.  John/Johnny Slater passed away last month and his memorial service was held last week.  In Memory has been updated for Johnny.

He was such a character as a pupil, sportsman and prefect during his time at DHS, and this was still evident at our June 2014 Reunion.

Grateful thanks are due to Paul van de Wall for advising us of this sad news.

Please feel free to add your own memories of Johnny Slater in the comments.

NEWS Updated 2 September, 2018:

In Memory has been updated for Graham Wright who passed away last month.

Graham is one of the Missing among us.  It would be good to know if anyone recalls Graham during our years at DHS and after.  Maybe he is one of the four (?) unnamed in the Matric Class Photo.

Thanks to Finley Hamilton and Ian Corbishley for investigating.


NEWS Updated 23rd August, 2018:

Life among the Zulus: memories of running free in the bush above the Botanic Gardens have been recorded by Peter B L Harrison (Class of 1965) in the latest Tuck Shop Chit Chat.

Free to a good home:  a hard copy of THE DHS STORY 1866-1966 by HD Jennings.  Contact Peter Oldfield 0827713222 /

Welcome back to Class of 1965 website: The site has reopened and is looking great! Check it out and join as a Guest Member:

"My First Job...and a Seachange" is a very interesting tale of life in 1974 by Alan Gelb. Thanks for the contribution to Tuckshop Chit Chat, What I was doing in 1974.  More contributions welcome!

How do you like the Class of 1964 website? Since it was opened on 5th March, 2012, it has received 101,050 visits. Were you among the visitors? We have around 200 members and guest members, each with a profile page, but about 40 of our classmates are still not signed on. If you know any in this group please encourage them to come on board and share the fun! They will be amazed to find 41 obituaries, 116 Chit Chat topics (and many intra-topic chits and chats), 148 postings on the Discussion Forum, 75 Photo Galleries and lots of interesting information on our years at DHS and the times we have lived in. They can send private messages to you and you to them...thousands of these have been sent since the site started...and isn't it nice to get a birthday greeting from your old mates from the old scooo-wil?  Sex! So you're still reading? Great. We are getting e-mail bouncebacks for Sean Morony, Tim Jubber, Walter May, Raleigh Keating, David Geary, John Wilson, Angus Hilson and John Herbie Herbst. If you have a non-bouncy address for any of these okes, please let site management know and ask them to go onto the site and update their e-mail addresses. Oh and how about updating your profile page too...and posting a recent photo of yourself...OK the bell has rung...see you later!

Billy Crawford meets different kinds of Pom as a student in Cape Town in 1974, keeps his teeth and has a snug night in the veld. See Tuckshop Chit Chat "Good and bad Poms" (attributed to Billy when you open the story).

More 1974 memories please...

OK, so I'll do it! See Graham Bell's account of pleasure and pain in 1974 in Chit Chat. Thanks to Roger and Chris for keeping the chat chitting. Remember to click the left side of the topic table to get the full menu of contributions on each subject.

New date for Safe Schools Seminar: Friday 10th May 2019. More info to follow when available.

John Boshoff has contributed to Life in 1974 including a "cool" photo. Good stuff!  Can you spare a few moments to tell us what YOU were doing in 1974?

Thanks for interesting contributions to "What I was doing in 1974" (See Chit-Chat new topic) by Howard Buttery, Roger Jones and Chris Thorpe. Come on chaps...out of those rocking chairs and let's have your memories of 1974!

New Chit-Chat topic: "What I was doing in...1974".  Ten years after matric, how had the world and life changed for you? Enjoy and share your memories.

Founders Day Events: 31 May to 2 June 2018

Golf Day 31 May

Dinner 1 June

Rugby and Cocktail Function 2 June

Contact for further information:

Ph. 0312 012 284

Return to Glory? DHS vs Glenwood today:

1st XV kick off at 13h55 - join the crowd at Glenwood, or watch on SuperSport Chanel 210 or

DHS has just beaten College 45-30. Great win on the home field. Memories of 1961...

Check Tuckshop Chit-Chat under General Discussion, link to the YouTube video of the whole match including build-up

From Fred Broom: My twin brother John is recovering well at Entabeni after his stroke. Many thanks for your prayers.

Event postponed to 2019: The Safe Schools Seminar has been put back to an unconfirmed date in 2019. More details to follow when available.

Turton Pictures: All 11 paintings by Allan Turton, in the estate of Mr John Moot, have been bought by his former pupils. 

Fred Broom has sad news that his twin brother John has suffered a cerebral stroke and is currently in hospital in a serious condition. He asks that you remember John in your prayers.

In Memoriam pages updated for Neville Pretorius.

Many thanks to Bob van der Molen (Teacher, 1961-1965) for the images of staff in 1962 and 1963, now completing our set of Staff Photos 1961-64.

Thanks also to the many comment writers on the passing of Neville Pretorius (see In Memory).

The official announcement and date of the anti-sexual abuse event ("Safe Schools Seminar") planned for 27 July 2018, is eagerly awaited. As soon as I get the official word I'll post a notice with as many details as are available. Meantime, please pencil the date into your diaries and "stay tuned".  Graham Bell.

Terry Sandy has notified us of the passing of Neville Pretorius.  Roger Jones has found out a few details which will be included in the In Memoriam section later.

Neville lived andworked in Stanger and passed away in the hospital there following a cancer diagnosis.  A Stanger person told of the tributes paid to Neville at his funeral last week.  One tribute was from a school friend, possibly a 'Fred'.

One speaker spoke of his first involvement with Neville as a fight over the theft of a bicycle.  Roger J's first interaction with Neville was in 1961 when Neville was still at St Henry before he arrived at DHS the following year; that interaction was also a fight on the pavement in Maze Road below South Ridge Road, the cause is lost in the mists of memory.  More later.

Thanks to friends from Class of 1961 for letting us know of the sad passing of their classmate, John Dunlop who died on 27 February 2018 in Empangeni. At school John was a good runner and also had a fine singing voice. His career after school was successful on several fronts: in commerce (shoe design and clothing shops) and most recently running a B&B called "Raptors Rest" with his life partner of 39 years, Edward Jansen.  Vale, John Dunlop. "May choirs of angels sing thee to thy rest". 

Easter Greetings and thanks for the many Profile Updates. If you haven't updated your profile recently, please have a look at it and bring it up to date.  Also, please help to notify friends whose e-mails are "bouncing" - they need to get onto the site and update their e-mail addresses. Six members are currently on the bounce: David Geary (Class of 1966); Keith Barnett; John Wilson; Angus Hilson; John Herbst; and Howard Buttery.

Do you have news of any of our Classmates' demise? Please let the site management know via "Contact Us" so we can add the information to In Memoriam.  Guest members who "pass on" will also be included (See recent inclusion of Richard Venniker (Class of 1965) in the In Memoriam section.  Please add your memories of our classmates...they are much appreciated.



Seeking Michael Grainger. If you know Michael's whereabouts please contact

Welcome to new Guest Member: Tony Keyte (Class of 1967).

Does anyone have contact info for Paul ("Sandy") Sandison (Class of 1964) also ex DPHS, Michaelhouse and University of Natal? His friend Vic Hansen wishes to contact him. Please e-mail Graham Bell if you can help.

Welcome to new Guest Member: Roger Keyte (Class of 1963).

Impressive marketing video released by DHS:

Trolley bus capers: see Chit Chat, now top of the order. Photos??

Vaughan Mostert remembers the wonderful trolley buses that Durban used so effectively in "our era". See Chit Chat > General Discussion.

Photo Gallery added to record Casual Getogethers at the school and at Olive and Oil, Umhlanga, on 19-1-18. (Click on Photo Galleries on left of this Home Page)

School to host Safe Schools Seminar in 2018. See Discussion Forum.

Happy New Year to all our Members and Guest Members. May 2018 be a healthy and prosperous one for you and your families.  Regards from your site management.

Memories of living through the end of apartheid are relived by Gerald Sack (see Chit Chat.."Fear and loathing in the Durban City Hall").

Justin Paul (Class of 1980) adds to memories of Des "Spike" Thompson's peculiar style as Head Master in the late 70s.

Chris Thorpe adds insights into Des Thompson's attitude to school cadets. See Chit Chat, Memories of School, "My best place".

John Mason (Class of 1966) describes the art of the disappearing cadet platoon and master-in-charge. See Chit Chat, Memories of School, "My best place".

Francois Everson (Class of 1966) remembers three years of fotuitous library workouts in lieu of rugby and cadets. See Chit Chat "Memories of School - My best place".

Richard Venniker (Class of 1965) R.I.P. It is with sadness that we announce the death of Richard Venniker, a much loved member of the Durban and school community. Please go to In Memory and add your comments and memories of Richard.

Scroll to bottom of that page to where deceased Guest Members will be listed. If you know of any classmates of Class of 1964 and Guest Members (all years) not listed in  "In Memory" but who are deceased, please use Contact Us to notify the site management.

Nine Lives (Tuck shop Chit Chat): Bill Crawford tells how two of his were used up during mortar and grenade training.

Welcome to Lynton Brown (Class of 1960) our latest Guest Member.

Welcome to Howard Griffiths (Class of 1968) our latest guest member.

Welcome to Chris Swales (Class of 1965) our latest guest member.

New Forum in Tuckshop Chit Chat: "Nine Lives..." Tell us about your scrapes with destiny and let us celebrate your survival together.  Graham kicks off with his 8 out of 9.

Wine auction fundraiser at DHS on Friday 29 September (6:30 for 7:00 pm).R2000 for table of 10, includes food and entertainment by Garvan H Goldstone. Booking: or phone073 927 8411.

Bruce Gold, our enigmatic classmate and perhaps the last of the true surfing hippies of our era, is still catching waves. See the link to recent photos of him, sent by Jan Francois Everson (Class of 1966) in Tuckshop Chit Chat > Who is Bruce Gold?

Do you have information on our missing or deceased classmates? Please send it to site management using Contact Us.

A novel beginning to The Lord's Prayer is remembered by Chris Thorpe in Chit Chat "Slang of the Sixties".

Memory of Father Cull a substitute English teacher in 1965, by John Mason (Class of 1966), in Chit Chat "Our Teachers".

Welcome to our newest Guest Member, John Lillie (Class of 1965).

Thoughtful commentary on war has been posted in "Memories of Army Days" (Chit Chat) by John Mason (Class of 1966). In lighter vein comments on Paul Van de Wall's use of language for furthering a sales career comes in from Roger Jones, Ed Granger (Class of 1963) and Michael Cornelissen (Class of 1960) - see Slang of the Sixties in Chit Chat..

After 54 years...Van Rij and Bell get together at Dee Wilkinson's: See Photo Galleries, Casual Getogethers. Thanks Deirdre and Reg! Every cloud has a silver lining.

Very funny stuff (not for the delicate amongst us) on how to sell tyres in Northern Natal, has been posted in Chit Chat: "Gripping. Slang of the Sixties" by Paul Van de Wall. Eish!

Please don't call me "Late For Breakfast". What we name our offspring. See Chit Chat "General Discussion" by Roger Jones.

Images from the Border Wars. See Chit Chat "Memories of Army Days".

Latest Chit Chat: "Memories of Durban": Multi-course Chinese meal for R3. Thanks to Terry Sandy for this blast from the past.

Welcome to our latest Guest Member: David Papineau (Class of 1963).

"Memories of Living through the end of Apartheid" (Tuckshop Chit Chat) has begun well with detailed recall by Roger Jones in "Laughter, fear and loathing in the Durban City Hall." This has brought comments and more memories of the event from John Mason (Class of 1966) and Ed Granger (Class of 1963).

Fascinating memories from Paul Van de Wall about pigeons and puza in the bush above the Botanical Gardens. See Chit Chat "Life among the Zulus"

New Chit-Chat forum open: "Memories of living through the end of Apartheid".

This has opened "by popular demand" as the "Zulus" forum has got members reminiscing about the politics of the 70s, 80s and 90s. Contributions now welcome.

Gerald Sack opens what may be, to many, a window on a little known universe, in Chit Chat, "Our life among the Zulus: Being read to". Amazing stuff.

Life among the Zulus continues with interesting memories from Roger Jones. See Chit Chat: "Being read to".

Another great memory: "Rocket" and his amazing take off, from Chris Thorpe, in Chit Chat, "Our life among the Zulus". Thanks, Chris. You were one of very few with isiZulu skill.

The memories roll out: an interesting piece from Roger Jones about a "tea boy" who read Shakespeare. Richard Bell (Class of 1961) tells of Cement Banda the strong tea maker at Cedara College who borrowed small amounts from the staff to effect his permanent return to Malawi. See "Our life among the Zulus" in Chit Chat. Please keep them coming. How many of us could speak any isiZulu back then? Gordon Bentley was fluent...who else?

More memory therapy: "Our life among the Zulus". See new theme at the top of the list in Chit Chat.  Please dig em has to be good for you and will raise many a smile for our members. 

More on Busomworth after DHS from Howard Buttery. See Chit Chat> Memories of Army Days>Inspection and Busomworth.

Roger Jones remembers an amazing accident involving a Zulu on a bike and the Trans-Berea bus. He also makes a kindly comment on the revelations on post DHS Busomworth. See the two latest Chit Chat topics "Stuttafords" and "Busomworth"...same as before.  Keep the Chit Chat going, please.

Lloyd Noel remembers milkshakes at the Lido and the generosity of Bun Robertson in Chit Chat "Impending Death of Stuttafords".

Terry Sandy (Class of 1965) recalls Busomworth and his family, after DHS, in (Chit Chat> Memories of Army Days>Inspection and Busomworth). Many thanks, Terry.

Happy 4th July to our members living in the USA.

More memories of Stuttafords and what could be bought there, of superior quality, are recalled by Richard Bell (Class of 1961).

And the 70 000th site visitor was....(drum roll)... JOHN DUNCAN (Class of 1965). Congratulations. You win praise and glory from all the DHS "Class of" site members! OK John, you now get to update your profile page and submit two photos of your life "then and now". Vat hom Fluffy! Enjoy your moment of stardom!

Many thanks for new additions to Chit Chat>Memories of Durban> Demise of Stuttafords, from Lloyd Noel (Class of 1965), Detolised Santa, akaTerry Dowdall (Class of 1961), Roger Jones and Mark Polti. We're on a roll!  What can you remember?

More from Lloyd Noel (Class of 1965) on the importance of Durban milk bars in the 60s (Chit Chat>Memories of Durban> Demise of Stuttafords) and on Busomworth, from Ian Robertson (Class of 1961) asking for more information on Boesie's life after school (Chit Chat> Memories of Army Days>Inspection and Busomworth). Keep them coming, please! We now have 100 topics (including comments & replies) in Chit Chat. Our web site is about to receiving its 70 000th visit by a member. Who will it be? You, with a new photo?

Thanks to John Bartlett (Class of 1961) for his addition to "Stuttafords" in Chit Chat.

Another series of amusing stories from Ralph Tyrrell's army "daze". See Chit Chat, "Achille's Heel".

Thanks to Terry Dowdall and Ed Granger for comments and questions about Busomworth. (See "Inspections and Busomworth in Memories of Army Days" in Tuckshop Chit Chat) Can anyone help answer? We've had over 170 site visitors (members and guest members) in the past five days. How about leaving a comment or starting a new Chit Chat topic? Have a go!

Terry Sandy provides interesting and compassionate information on Busomworth, and Roger Jones remembers The Model Dairy and scouts in the city. See latest Chit Chat. Please weigh in. Keep the kettle boiling! Start a new topic.

Very funny and close to disaster. Terry Dowdall (Class of 1961) is corpsed at the Colonel's inspection, by Busomworth. See "Memories of Army Days" in Tuck Shop Chit Chat.

Roger Jones, David Morty (Class of 62), Lloyd Noel (Class of 65), Richard Bell (Class of 61) and Peter Harrison (Class of 65) have joined in the Memory Therapy in Chit Chat. What do you remember of life in Durban "back when"? Use the reply button or start your own topic.

Memory therapy? Do you remember the great department stores in the centre of Durban? Let Roger Jones take you there in Memories of Durban in Tuckshop Chit Chat.

It's all about the coaches, says Howard Buttery, and please don't mention the J word. See Discussion Forum.

Roger Jones asks what has happened to improve DHS's standing in school rugby. See Discussion Forum. Have your say. Use the Post Reply button at top left of Discussion Forum, then save at bottom of the page.

Returning DHS to Glory. The rugby results speak volumes for a return by DHS to glory on the sports field. Graham Bell and Ed Granger review some little known events over the past four years which have given DHS leadership in the new world. See Discussion Forum. 

Here is what is happening at the site of the DHS Old Boys Club in Durban North:

Army memories are developing into a veritable tsunami...see the latest additions by Roger Jones, Howard Buttery and Chris Thorpe.

Crazy Days continues with comments on Ralph's heel by Paul Van de Wall. See Chit Chat: "Memories of Army Days".

Army Daze? Dave Levy saves a goal and a shoot-load of square bashing. See Chit Chat: "Memories of Army Days".

New Chit Chat Forum: "Memories of Army Days" Starts with a bang with Ralph Tyrrell's tale of his (and the army's) Achilles Heel.

Founders Day 2017 Report and Photos : see DHS Today.

Class of 1947 Reunion: see

Thanks to Ed Granger (Class of 1963) for this link.

Chris Thorpe congratulates Scott Mathie and DHS First Rugby Team on winning achievements. See Chit Chat: "Vision of DHS...."

While you're on site, have your say in Chit Chat...and upload some photos...hey, why not also update your profile page?!

If you have not yet signed on for the Founders Day Candice Herbst now. See link at bottom of this page: DHS Foundation.

Third major win for DHS First Rugby team on Saturday 27th May 2017: DHS rugby has returned to its former glory with a win against Glenwood yesterday, broadcast on national television. The win followed similar triumphant results in the previous two weeks against Maritzburg College and Kearsney.

New photos from a gathering of former DHS teachers and their managers in Melbourne, on 22 May 2017, can be found in Photo Galleries: Casual Getogethers. Many thanks to Sean Burke (Class of 1970) for the images and captions.

Memories of Durban in the 50s and 60s: see new link to history of Speedway in South Africa.

Eulogy to Steve Bond posted by Mark Polti. See In Memory.

New Photo Gallery of the Trevor Wadley Prize for Year 9 Mathematics, showing the first two recipients of the prize and the Artwork presented to the School at the 150th Anniversary Assembly on 2nd June 2016 by Keith Barnett and two of Wadley's relatives.

New DHS Head Master, Tony Pinheiro, meets the school. See the report published on DHS's Face Book page copied into "DHS Today" (click on panel at left of your Home Page).

Two new photo essays by Dawn and Peter Glaum, dated January and April 2017, about life in Thailand can be found in Photo Galleries. These excellent articles are highly recommended and offer us all entertainment and enlightenment.  Please take a look, and think about producing one about your current life and activities.

If you do, send a Word file to Graham Bell ( and photos as jpegs (indicate where in the piece the photos are to be placed). He will then upload it into Photo Galleries.  Click on the panel on the left of your Home Page, find the photo of Moo the Thai Porker, and scroll down to the last two essays.  Thanks Peter and Dawn. You've done it again!  Happy and safe flying, Peter.

Gerald Sack remembers John Thornton who died in July 2014 (not 2015 as previously recorded). Thanks to Gerald and Ian Robertson for this information. See In Memory.

New DHS Head Master announced. Tony Pinheiro, who joined Glenwood High from Stanger in 1994 and rose to Acting Head Master of Glenwood High, has been appointed the new Head Master of DHS. The appointment was announced on the DHS Face Book page at 2pm on Thursday 13th April 2017. The school will make further information available after Easter. 

Howard Buttery replies to Chris Thorpe's piece on the Midlands and Ed Granger adds Meat and Gravy pies (Perks?) to the list of old tuck shop favourites.

Tuck Shop banter and reminiscences float along: thanks to Gerald Sack, Alan Gelb, Terry Sandy and Terry Dowdall. What mystery lay in the Banana Bumper?

Pink nutties?! (See Old Tuck Shop discusssion...thanks Merv and Roger). Any more? What was your favourite purchase?

Interesting Newsletter from DHS Foundation (DHSF&T), March Edition. See DHS Today (click on panel at left of Home Page).

Keep it rolling! Thanks for new Old Tuck Shop Memories from Starr Glen-Williamson, Terry Dowdall and Roger Jones.  And now for your contribution. ...what was your favourite Tuck Shop purchase? Do you remember "candy kisses?" How about up-dating your Profile Page? Upload a photo?

New Chit Chat from Chris Thorpe (General Discussion: "Vision of DHS..") and from Peter Oldfield on "The Tuck Shop under the science block" (see "old Tuck Shop Memories).  Please weigh in with discussion and your own thoughts and memories. Many thanks to all contributors. You are helping keep our website alive and kicking. Click on the Tuck Shop Chit Chat panel at the top of the home page.

Sorry about the April Fools Day joke. Wrinkles is interred and decomposing in safe keeping. Bad taste again...sorry!

Welcome to our new member, Peter Oldfield.

Post a photograph on your profile page's easy.

Or a Chit Chat thought or memory...thanks Roger Jones for your latest from Bosnia.

Welcome to our latest member, Rob Woodward.

Welcome to new Guest Member, Michael Woodford (Class of 1963), bass drummer in the championship-winning school bugle bands of 1962-1963.

New Tuckshop Chit Chat on getogethers and woodwork from Chris Thorpe and Ralph Tyrrell.

Thanks to all contributors. Join in with your thoughts, memories and comments. By doing so you are helping to keep this site alive and kicking. Please update your profile pages and add some photos to them. Now is a good time! The new photo editor is working well.

Welcome to our newest member: John Goott.

A photo of Mike Hurley taken in 2001 has been posted on the In Memory section.

New tributes to Ken Pottinger help fill the portrait of his life: see In Memory.

Photo uploads on your Personal Profile: The system is now working well. Please upload some pics and update your Profile Page. Now is a good time! More photos please!

Gerald Sack reminisces on golf with Mark Polti, divots galore and four-penny meat pies. See Tuckshop Chit Chat > catching up again.

Welcome to David Pullen our newest member.

Please encourage other "missing classmates" to join the web-site. What great value they are missing!

Roger Jones and Gerald Sack discuss Orwell, social media and freedom of speech in Chit Chat> General Discussion. 

Tributes to Roy Cowgill and Colin Pay from Chris Thorpe on Tuckshop Chit Chat > General Discussion

Announcement from Justin Paul (Class of 1980):

It is with sad news that both Roy Cowgill and Colin Pay (my cousin), both of whom taught me at DHS, passed away this last Thursday and Friday respectively. Roy was still at DHS and Colin had retired years ago.

Both were great people whom I totally respected and also respected by many Old Boys.

New link to Old Durban films. Thanks to Andrew Geils (Class of 1960) for sending the link. See Durban in the 50s and 60s (click panel on left of Home Page).

The new format for Classmate Profiles has been accepted after a vote by our membership returnd a narrow win for the (annoying) new format, which nevertheless now restores photo uploads. Please make use of these features now by adding some photos to your personal profile.

And a Happy New Year to one and all!

Christmas Greetings to all Members!  May your days be merry and bright and 2017 be everything you wish it to be.

We have e-mails "bouncing" from 10 of our members. If you know how to contact the following people, please ask them to update their e-mail addresses, or clean out their in-boxes. If your name is listed here and you are receiving e-mails please let me know.  Thanks. Gabby Bell (site managment).

Don Riddell (Class of 1957); Reg van Rij (Class of 1963); Cecil Gower; John Wilson; Ian Corbishley; Malcolm Getcate; Colin Lanham; Cecil Miller; Brian Brickman; Anthony Oshry (Class of 1961).

Denis Jordaan recounts how Sas Nourse gave Izaak a fishy shower. See Chit chat > Our Teachers.

Welcome to Allan Wilkinson (Teacher) our latest Guest Member.

Memories of our English set-book Animal Farm are evoked by Roger Jones in Chit Chat > General Discussion > Orwell. The famous writer's opinions on freedom of speech and society ring true today.

Roger Jones pays tribute to the late Trevor Goddard (DHS 1948): see Chit Chat> Great Characters.. > ..Trevor Goddard.

Denis Jordaan  remembers Sas Nourse's acidic antics and a legendary sombrero on Warner Beach: see Chit Chat> Our Teachers> Sas Nourse. Roger Jones replies with more on Izak.

Chris Thorpe remembers Theo's teaching of English. See Chit Chat > Our Teachers > Theobald for Latin and English.

Wilkie side table made by Alan Gelb: see photo of the original object, good as new, on Chit Chat, DPHS. See Chit Chat > Our Primary Schools > DPHS. Use the scroll bar to navigate the main list of topics on the LEFT side of ChitChat page then enter the topic and scroll down to the latest item. 

See new Chit Chat on Allan Wilkinson (posted by Chris Thorpe) and Allan's dad, Maurice, woodwork teacher at Prep for 57 years, obtained from Allan by Ed Granger. The latter includes three images for those ex-Prep classmates needing a memory jolt.

Recently Found: Tea Trolley made in 1960 by a 12 year-old boy. See Chit Chat, DPHS.

New CEO appointed to DHS Foundation and Trust. See DHS Today.

Site reaches 60,000 visits. We opened this site on 15th March 2012. Since then we have averaged 1428 visits per month.  We must be doing something right. Pity that our Missing Members are Missing the fun.

Some new photos of Nick Bulley in his last years, living in Dubai with his beloved Theresa Du Toit, are now posted in Nick's obituary page. Click on In Memory and then on Nick's name.

Welcome to the site to our never-to-be-forgotten classmate, Dave King.

Obituary to Tim Couzens (Class of 1961) 1944-2016. You will be proud to learn that one of those sixth formers in 1961 was actually an emerging giant. See DHS Histories.

Latest photo-essay from Peter and Dawn Glaum tells of flying on a fluttery heart above Clanwilliam and Thailand at a momentous time in its history. See Photo Galleries. Click on Moo the Pig and scroll down.

Trevor Wadley Prize and Speech is now recorded in DHS Histories

Four Amigos meet for lunch in Sydney 26-10-16 (See Chit Chat, Getting together again, by accident or design).

Welcome to Roger Green (Class of 1965), our latest Guest Member.

Great photo of dinner time at Blackmores in Chit Chat and in Profile Pics (Photo Galleries). Thanks to Francois Everson and John Mason (both Class of 1966). Recognise anyone? Look for BP Wilson in distance!

Welcome to Guest Members John Mason (Class of 1966) and Pierre Kriegler (Class of 1965).

FYI, this recent influx of Classmates of 1965 is part of a rescue mission for those 65s who want to stay connected, after their site shut down. They are welcome to our site which has a policy of being inclusive and as open as possible to all who are in or associated with our 64 cohort.

We still have about 100 64s who have not joined (see missing members). If you know any of them please entreat them to join. Look at the fun they are missing!

Welcome to new Guest Members, Mike Cramer (Class of 1965) and Ken Erwee (Class of 1965).

We now have a new Photo Gallery for Class of 1965 members to share your class photos, sporting pictures...anything you like!  Enjoy the site. The 64s share many of your memories and many of us were in the same sporting teams. Click on Photo Galleries, open your new gallery and upload your jpegs. Remember to write a caption for each pic. If this is beyond your ken, send your jpegs and captions to Graham Bell:

All Members and Guest Members: please use "Profile Pics" in Photo Galleries to store pics you have trouble loading onto your profile pages.

Memories of Snell Parade Races and Hoy Park Speedway have been added to "Durban in the 50s and 60s."

Additional tribute to Leon Erasmus has been added by Chris Thorpe.

A glowing tribute to both Leon Erasmus and the work of the Concerned Old Boys , by Justin Paul (Class of 1980), former Chair of the School Governing Board, can be found in Tuck Shop Chit Chat "General Discussion".

A great tribute to Graham Coutts has been posted by Howard Buttery. See "In Memory".

Welcome to Andrew Geils (Class of 1960, Michael House).

Welcome to Graham Millar (Class of 1965) and Peter Harrison (Class of 1965) our latest Guest Members.

More memories of Graham Coutts from Michael Cornelissen (Class of 1960) and Roger Sheppard (Class of 1961).

"Boots" Coutts remembered by Mark Polti: see "In Memory".

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Welcome to new Guest Members, Francois Everson, Pat Goss, Robert Smith and Tony Dold from Class of 1965. and Greg MacNeillie (Class of 1989). We hope to see many more of the 1965 cohort joining us in the coming days. Welcome!

A new memory from Billy Crawford about the art trips to Sunnyside Guest Farm: see Our Teachers, Allan Turton, in Tuckshop Chit Chat.

Flogging chat continues.  Who received the most cuts in one single day?

Who was the worst flogger? Ed Granger has a firm idea of who this was, after thoroughly sampling the offerings. See Tuck Shop Chit Chat.

Polti meets Bell after 54 years. See Tuck Shop Chit Chat "Catching up...". Please add your own encounters to this section (click Post New Topic) and try to remember to add a photograph...(take the pic before the second glass of wine).

Who was the worst flogger? See new Chit Chat "Multi-flogging..." Were you a flogger? Do you have regrets? Will you atone? We are here to listen with sympathy and forgiveness.

Closure of website: Terry Sandy has informed us that after little interest was shown for the first half of 2016, by the classmates of 1965 in the website he had established, he decided not to renew the site licence. If you know anyone from the DHS class of 1965 who would like to be a guest member of this site, please encourage them to contact our site to join. All welcome!

New Photo Gallery "Profile Pics" by Starr Glen-Williamson containing 5 photos that will transport you to 1962 and 1963.

More pics please. Upload your own photos to any of the galleries or send jpeg files to Graham Bell ( for easy uploading. Please include captions (in the e-mail) with as much detail as your memory allows.

New link on the amazing life and times of our classmate, Bruce Gold, has been submitted by Allan Farquharson in Chit Chat: "Who is Bruce Gold?" Allan gives us a link to a recent article from ZigZag surfing magazine and a short film on Bruce's life made by Norwegian film-maker Anders Melchior.

Profile photo uploads: Problem not yet solved, so we have made a Photo Gallery available for you to put your Profile Pics into. Thanks to Allan and Starr for getting this moving. More photos please everyone!

New Chit Chat thread: "Catching up again" - informal meetings with classmates, on your travels, by accident or design. Share your photos and tell us about who you met, where and when. Historical and hysterical accounts welcome.

Welcome to new Guest Member, Mike Macnab (Class of 1962).

New grandchildren? While we are trying to fix a photo upload problem on the profile pages, why not update the text on your profile page? News about you is appreciated by your classmates. The site is password protected, so your information is as safe as that allows. 

Letter from Leon Erasmus announcing his departure from DHS: see "DHS Today."

The Trevor Wadley Prize for Year 9 Mathematics: Is it an inadequate gesture? See the debate in Tuck Shop Chit Chat "Sex abuse at DHS".

Treat yourself to the updated "Facts about Durban 1963 and 1973" compiled by Gerald Buttigieg.   Click on the panel "Durban in the 50s and 60s" on the left of this Home Page.

Resignation of DHS Head Master: Leon Erasmus announced his resignation as Head Master of DHS recently effective from the end of 2016. He is taking up a position at a school in the Cape. Details will be posted in DHS Today as they become available. We wish him and his family all the best for the future and acknowledge the good work he has done over a difficult time in the history of the school. 

New Chit Chat: Gerald Sack on Memories of Durban and Howard Buttery on the Trevor Wadley Prize and the "COBs" in "Sexual Abuse at DHS". Have your say on these web site pages.

Trevor Lloyd Wadley montage presentation and speech by Keith Barnett, made at Special Assembly on 3rd June 2016: see DHS Today

The Ferry

A spine tingling account of a near-death experience for Peter and Dawn Glaum in Uganda in 1997 has been added to the marvelous collection of essays by Dawn, with images by Peter.  Find it in the Photo Galleries under Moo the Porker. Click on Moo and scroll down to the end of the essays for this latest treat. Your scrolling will be well rewarded!

New Photo Gallery: "Random kak from School Magazines". These images are a gift from Alan Wilkinson (Class of 1948), conveyed to us by Ed Granger (Class of 1963). Hope the word "kak" doesn't offend or convey anything other than fun. Please upload any jpegs you have into the Photo Galleries. If you want a new theme for a gallery created, please use a "contact us" message, or e-mail Graham Bell directly.

Photos Please...upload your pictures from the 150th Anniversary events into Photo Galleries. Easy way: put jpegs of your pics onto your desktop, open Photo Galleries, click on the picture of Cathedral Peak, then on "Add Photos". Your desktop will come up fromwhich you can open other parts of your hard drive. Double click on the pics you want to share. Be patient while the program uploads, then add a caption and return to Home Page. Reopen Galleries and your pics will be in a gallery attributed to you.

New Photo Gallery Opened:

150th Anniversary Celebrations. Please upload your photos now.

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